About us

Sissa Medialab is a company owned by SISSA - International School for Advanced Studies. It started its activities with the Journal of High Energy Physics (JHEP), the first electronic journal specialized in the field, and now produces and runs the series of journals that includes, in addition to JHEP, JCAP, JSTAT, JINST, PoSJCOM, and JCOM América Latina.

Sissa Medialab organizes events and educational programmes, produce innovative media to communicate science to different audiences, offers consultancy for the development of permanent and temporary exhibitions. It has collaborated with several universities and research centres, institutions and networks.

Sissa Medialab has designed and implemented several exhibitions and provided scientific consultancy for the creation of science museums and science centers.

Since 2005 Sissa Medialab has organized training courses for the explainers of science museums, the science teachers, the scientists and researchers. Organized in several European countries, but also in the Americas and Asia, these courses have involved a total of thousands of participants.